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Temptation of Aunt 3 (2020)

Quality: Year: Duration: 72 MinView: 86 views

Se-min lives alone. He was having a good time with his girlfriend, Mi-ho, when they suddenly feel someone’s eyes on them and turn around to see a woman looking at them with a blank face. It turns out the woman is Se-min’s mother’s friend, Ji-hye. She’s packed up her things from abroad and moved back to Korea very suddenly. She’d called her childhood friend, Se-min’s mother, and they decided she would live with Se-min for 3 days. Mi-ho is angry about Ji-hye. She tells Se-min to make her leave, but he can’t do that and Mi-ho leaves angrily. Se-min and Ji-hye are living together for 3 days. Ji-hye comforts Se-min with some drinks, but he blacks out, only to wake up the next day and retrace his memory to the hot night they had.

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A : Silahkan di Refresh ulang Browsernya atau tunggu beberapa saat (tunggu kira-kira 20 detik). Jika Player masih Loading silahkan langsung didownload saja (Link Download ada dibawah Deskripsi).

Q : Bang katanya udah softsub tapi kok gak muncul subtitlenya?
A : Silahkan play pakai aplikasi/software pihak ketiga. Untuk android bisa pakai aplikasi (MX Player / VLC Player). Untuk PC bisa pakai software (GOM Player / VLC Player).

Q : Bang subtitlenya bisa pakai subtitle yg lain?
A : Sangat bisa, tinggal di replace aja pakai subtitle yg lain nanti otomatis ganti.

Q : Kenapa film gak ada suaranya?
A : Semua film dari Embun Cinema ada suaranya, tapi setiap device / player berbeda, ada yang tidak support dengan format audionya. Bisa diakalin dengan menggunakan Player seperti MX, VLC, atau GOM Player. Untuk TV gunakan HDMI dan sambungkan ke Laptop / PC.

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